August 11, 2014

#RPGaDay Day 11

Weirderst RPG Owned?  These are tough ones.  Talislanta maybe?  No elves or humans.

I'm gonna go with World of Synnabar.  Raven McCracken wrote a fairly unplayable game with a gonzo setting.  Rules are really bad.  Setting is Mars moving through the universe.

Lots of ninjas.

August 10, 2014


I know this is very much outside the scope of my usual posts, but I need to share some thoughts.

One of our cats, Snowflake died today.  Well, we had to have her put to sleep.  She was at least 18 years old (we'd had her for 14) and was a good and social cat.  She was the first pet I ever bought for one of my children.  She was H's cat.

But H is working for Disney right now and hours and hours away and I almost didn't burden her with the decision.  But in the end, I needed to know that she understood.   Naw, really I just need to hear her voice.  Even if she's 24, she's still my baby.  Well one of four, at least.

Snowflake had reached the end of her days.  We'd noticed in the last week she'd not only stopped eating but dropped too much weight (not that she was ever heavy).  Then we noticed she'd stopped drinking and was trying to crawl away and hide.  Last night, my son and I got her to eat, but her breathing was ragged and her legs really weren't working.

We said a lot of prayers and we started preparing the younger kids for what we might find.

When the Vet tech took Snowflake's temp and saw how low it was she got the Vet right away.

I don't know other peoples experience with Banfield Pet Hospital (they're linked to Pet's Mart), but we've had wonderful people to help us whenever we've had to take them a sick animal.

Essentially, they told us we could take her home and her heart would probably stop in the next 24 hours, but she was dehydrated and mostly unaware of her surroundings.

I didn't want to say goodbye, but I couldn't let her suffer.

Let me digress here, that even though I'm a husband and father and I'm going to be 42 this year, knowing that I had to be a foundation for my family and lead them through this was terrifying.  Being an adult is hard and more and more I am gobsmacked how well my parents did these things.  And I'm not saying my wife didn't pull her weight, her strength is different and we try to balance our strengths and bring out the best in each other.

Banfield let us take our tearful time with her.  She got to perch on their sink and watch a trickle of water come out (her favorite thing in the world was to drink water from the tap, but she could only watch it now).

The great people at Banfield even took the kids for a bit and let them color and lovingly explain what was happening to her.

The tech who worked with us was sobbing as bad as the rest of us.

The Vet even broke into tears, too.

Snowflake was so dehydrated that they couldn't use a traditional IV method, so we couldn't stay with her for the very end, but I know she's in a better place.

She's not suffering and we'll always be her family.

I know its just my cat, but I've cried so much today that I keep thinking there are no more tears left.  But they keep coming.

It's not just the loss of our pet.  It's having to walk my children through death.  We've all been very blessed and haven't been profoundly touched the end of life, but today we had to face it.


Except for being one short, this time.

Snowflake, may your tummy never no hunger, may your face always have someone to scratch it, and I hope there is a fabulous sink to drink an endless stream of crystal clear water from!
You were a good and dear cat and we loved you.

#RPGaDay Playing Catchup: Day 7 through 10

7.  Most "intellectual" RPG owned?  Hmmm....Nephilim.  Yeah, I like that answer.

8.  Favorite Character?  Billy Ray Cordite.  A Lawful Dick Paladin of Tyr, who wears shitkickers and says "boy howdy" a lot.  I've only played him twice, but I hope to get more time in with him

9.  Favorite Dice/Dice Set?  My red/blue d20 from my TORG boxes set.

10.  Favorite Tie-In Novel/Game Fiction?  The Companions (Book 1 of the Forgotten Realms Sundering Series) by R.A. Salvatore.  I loved that it focused on Cattie-Brie, Bruenor, and Regis.  I really, really enjoyed it.

August 6, 2014

Brainstorming for 5E: Primeval Thule

I backed Sasquatch Games' Primeval Thule for 4E, 13th Age AND Pathfinder.

The setting sounds spectacular and it's something I plan to run a game in.

It's not higher, at the moment, because it's not out yet.

I've had a list of ideas floating around though since late last year:

Hyll Clans of the Hylands.

Islanders of Crannog on Loch Nis (Think Laketown).

Cave People (Dwarves,).

Moon Folk of Elphame (Drow, who have defiled their lands with Sorcery and now fearing Nyarlathotep's wrath have become nocturnal and live underground where they worship their Spider Goddess, Atlach-Nacha and serve their Queen.  Not going for the traditional pure evil dark elves here, but corruption plagues the males and that is why they are a matriarchal society).

Barbarians of the Raithnoch Moors

Astromancers of Pnom whose tower is located near Cairn (A place where ancient and alien knowledge is whispered to the faithful by beings who wait beyond the stars).

The Elgr (Druids of the Elk-Goddess, Yhoundeh.  Her husband, Nyarlathotep has taught humanity Sorcery).

#RPGaDAY Day 6

Favorite RPG I never get to play?

Call of Cthulhu.  Most of my friends aren't big into the Mythos and playing mundane investigators never REALLY caught onto the groups I've been part of, in the past.

Plus, bad games.  Two spring to mind.  One based on "The Fog" and one where we were told the tone would be like wasn't.

August 5, 2014

Brainstorming for 5E: Cross Planes

In case you don't know, I chose the name of this blog as an homage to the birthplace of Robert E. Howard, Cross Plains, TX.  I like pulpy action and the title I'm using also adds cross genre action.

But, it was originally a city, much like Grimjack's Cynosure; Nexus, the Infinite City; Sigil; etc.

Essentially Cross Planes is about using the DnD 5E engine to run Rifts.  Maybe even going so far as to take their character classes and applying the Proficiency Bonus.  Or maybe just using 5E's character Classes and 13th Age's One Unique Thing to add that Rifts twist.

Its something I'll dwell on for days and days, but then I'll end up with more traditional fantasy because I haven't been able to make the time I need to work on it further.

#RPGaDay Day 5

Most Old-School RPG owned?

I have the WotC Premium Reproduction of the White Box from last year, but that probably doesn't count.

I have a copy of the original Empire of the Petal Throne.  For years, I held a keen interest in Professor Barker's world and when I finally got my hands on it...I realized it wasn't for me.