November 25, 2014

Prime Materials: Medium Armor for Druids in D&D 5th Edition

Druids have access to medium armor, but only if doesn't use metal.  Thanks to a suggestion from Joshua Wardrop, I've decided to brainstorm some options for druids.

Angel Feather.  Some druids are giving boons from devas serving their god, to either reward them or to signal that they are destined for something special.  The armor is only designed for them and will not fit anyone else and fall into dust upon their death.  It covers the body like scale mail.

Bulette Armor.  Made of bulette hide and covers the body like half plate.

Dinosaur Scale Armor.  Made of very types of dinosaur scales and covering the body like scale mail.

Giant Lizard Armor.  Made of giant lizard scales and covering the body like a chain shirt.

Tortoise Shell Armor.  Made of tortoise shells overing the body like breastplate.

Medium Armor    Cost      AC    Weight    Stealth

Angel Feather   Special   AC 14 + Dex (max 2)  5 lb.

Giant Lizard   100 gp   AC 13 + Dex (max 2)  35 lb.

Dinosaur   150 gp  AC 14 + Dex (max 2)  15 lb.  Disadvantage

Tortoise   100 gp   AC 14 + Dex (max 2)  15 lb.

Bulette   1000 gp   AC 15 + Dex (max 2)  30 lb. Disadvantage

November 24, 2014

Masters of the Universe Monday: Stereoacative for Eternia and D&D 5th Edition

I love He-Man and the Masters of the Universe.  Awhile back, I wrote up a character while brainstorming it as a setting.  Now I have decided to expand on that.

Basically, I've bolted Gamma World 7th Edition's Origins onto 5E using this site.

4th Level Fighter
Follower of He-Man
Armor Class 12
Hit Points 39 (4d10+12) 
Speed 25 ft.
Initiative +1

   Str        Dex      Con       Int        Wis      Cha
  18 (+4)        14 (+2)       16 (+3)      15 (+2)      11 (+0)       13 (+1)

Background Entertainer
Skills Acrobatic +4, Intimidation +3, Perception +2, 
Performance +3
Saves Strength +6, Constitution +5
Tools Disguise Kit, Vocals
Senses passive Perception 10
Languages Common
Proficiency +2

Marksman (Archery)
Second Wind
Action Surge
Danger Sense

Martial Archetype Champion
Improved Critical

Ranged Attack—Stereo Blast +4 to hit (range 100 ft.; one creature). 
Hit: 1d8+2 thunder damage.

Ranged Attack—Stereo Burst  (5 ft. radius centered on you).  
Effect: All enemies must make a DC 14 Constitution save or take 1d6+4 thunder damage and you knock any targets prone.

Advantage when using Charisma (Deception) checks.

Armored Skin Resistance to bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing damage.

Ponderous Speed is 25 feet.

Advantage on Intelligence (Investigation) checks.

Gamma Tolerance Resistance to radiant damage.

Radioactive Critical When you score a critical hit, your target is weakened until the end of your next turn.

Hawking Portal You and up to two allies within 50 feet may teleport to any spot within 50 feet of your current location.  Additionally, anyone who teleports heals hit points equal to 5 + your level.

November 23, 2014

Hoard of the Dragon Queen Chapter 4: High Holy Day (Trade Way Event)

I was disappointed to note that the Trade Way Event chart in Chapter 4 of Hoarde of the Dragon Queen listed this event but then seemed to omit it. This isn't the end of the world, unless your quickly getting up to speed because your DnD Encounters group is big enough to split and you have about 15 minutes to prep and then you roll "High Holy Day" and nothing.

So here is what I worked up in a matter of a few seconds:

A heartwarder of Sune, Tyra Silk (Human Cleric, Level 4) is a pilgrim headed to the Radiant Chapel in Waterdeep who asks the Caravan Master to stop a few hours before sunset so the journey can be blessed by Lady Firehair with a celebration of her holy day, the Ruby Fete.  Silk is popular amongst the caravan for her flirting, beauty, kindness and the aid she has given throughout the journey.  While the Caravan Master is dubious, Silk is able to convince him of the benefit for a good journey and continued morale.  Of course, the Fete can easily becomes a raucous affair and is a great time for players to snoop and for the Cult to do so, as well.  Its also a good way to introduce some of the NPC's in the chapter.

Tyra is smart, savvy and great with people.  As a heartwarder she has taken on several lovers on the journey already and is very aware of what is happening amongst the caravan.  She is a good listener and truly cares for the people around her.  While not much a combatant, she is a trained healer and gladly uses Sune's gifts to aid anyone she can.  The primary reason for her pilgrimage to the Radiant Temple is to inform its' First Mistress of Sune, Chloe Blume, of the attack on Greenest by the Cult of the Dragon, but has no further information to aid the players.

November 22, 2014

Prime Materials: Dynamo, a wand for D&D 5th Edition


Wand, uncommon

Rumors persist that Dynamo was given to the Blackstaff by his master upon finishing his apprenticeship.  However, many assume that if the wand really did belong to the archmage, he'd have sought it out at some point in the intervening years.  Darker rumors about a curse that follows the wand occasionally is gossiped about amongst mages over tea.  They story insists that the wand is the resting place of an ancient evoker who is stealing the life energy of its wielders, so that he may one day return to life.

Dynamo has 1d4 charges that reset at dawn each day.  You may spend one charge to bump the damage dice of a spell by one step (from d6 to d8, etc.).

Force Multiplier (requires attainment) Evokers who are attuned to Dynamo, may spend one charge to add one additional damage die to a spell.

This Way to Jarlsburg

As I go about planning my next Jarlsburg game, I'm leaning toward moving the set up away from focusing on the Ironcloaks and going in a different direction.

First idea for the set up would be to focus on the Silvercloaks (more inquisitors/investigators) who deal with the strangest cases in the city and work under High Inquisitor Lot.  This game would be less of the day to day cases and handle the more bizarre and dangerous stuff most the city is never aware of.

The second idea would be for them to be working for the Lunar Court, this would allow them to be more unusual "races"...vampires, lycanthropes, ghosts (and I would probably use Gamma World 7th Edition Origins to simulate those).  This would be a more political game as they have to maneuver through the supernatural that resides and manipulates the city.

The third idea would see them as members of the Shemmy's Social Club...Jarlsburg's very own thieves' guild.  The game would focus on Adder Vitriol trying to consolidate power (they'd either work for or against him) and deal with the Club deciding to take on the Witengamot, revolutionaries who are trying to install democracy through mind control.

I'll probably poll my player's to see if they have strong preferences, as I don't have a clear cut favorite.

November 21, 2014

Back This: Silent Legions

Kevin Crawford (Stars Without Numbers, Scarlet Heroes) has a new kickstarter that is a sandbox approach to the Cthulhu Mythos that are compatible with most OSR games based off the World's First RPG.

It's called Silent Legions.

And if you back it, you immediately get the beta rules!

Check it out.

Prime Materials: Sunderstorm for D&D 5th Edition


Weapon (great club), rare

Umberlee chose the Dance Macabre, a pirate ship that prowled the sword coast, as the raw material to create this vaunted great club.  The storm the Bitch Queen raised shattered ship and crew until all that was left was a splinter of her mast.  A splinter that help all of Umberlee's ferocity and furor, that yearned to break and shatter.

You have a +2 bonus to attack and damage rolls made with this magic weapon.  Additionally, you may deal thunder damage instead of bludgeoning damage.
Storm Trooper You gain resistance to lightning and thunder damage while wielding Sunderstorm.

Seawolf (requires attunement) If you have the pirate background, you score a critical hit on a 19-20 while wielding Sunderstorm.